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get better's 2nd EP. Recorded in Rockford, AL and Nashville, TN 2010-2011. Features some of our earliest and latest songs including 2 new versions of songs from the album, Two-Way Power.


released January 10, 2012

Written, recorded and mixed by Graham LeBron and Shanna Mahan




get better Nashville, Tennessee

Graham LeBron and Shanna Mahan are Get Better.

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Track Name: Sunlight Squares (Revisit)
Oh, how morning sunlight squares on pre-arranged and pushed in chairs, for now we look to the warming skies for the ones that tell and the ones that can't be told.

A breeze can pass through the summers as a mother drifts through her lovers.
You know we can be fine to bury a head or two.

I will go on to tell these stories if we have to part and you, you won't be the one left when they move.

Not everyone in the market cares if science shows how porous thin we are.
Can't leap through the windows fires but they'll all look down to weigh you when you do.

When they do,

a breeze can pass through the summers as a mother drifts through her lovers.
You know we can be fine to bury a head or two.

Pines will be burning through summers and the boys will be gone to their mothers.
When the houses are left the lights shine right through.

We had it all in the daughters we had come to free,
the towers we once climbed to see the view.
To see the view.
Track Name: U Better Get It
you better get it...
in a letter til you put it down,
even better when it comes around,
when the timings even right for you,
when the omen's unavoidable too.
you better get it...
when you see that penny on the ground
and when you circle back its like a shriner puttin' around
when its all that you have left to take
i'm sorry lady i can tell you by the look on his face
when you don't see, when your backs turned.

you better get it...
when theres something thats been left behind
when you see that you have been unkind
its a lot for you to grab onto
and then you see that theres a lot more that is left to do.

you better get it...
when you don't hear
you can't listen
someday soon i hope for you
you won't just hear i love you too
you better get it.
Track Name: Not At Home
I'm not at home but I'm waiting for my love to take me back.
I'll go along but I'm no more well known, a silent martyr standing by.

And if I'm right they won't tell me.
When I'm wrong I can follow very well, if I want to.

I changed my clothes.
I combed my hair just so, and then I combed it back.

I can't go on in this lean-to life and I just want to bring me back, but they won't let me.
They can't tell me. They can't tell us no.
And if I could, if i could. What would happen if we don't follow anymore?
We're not following anymore.

And now I'm home no longer thinking of the things that held me back.
I tie up my own shoes, make up my own news and take it with me back home.
Track Name: A Minor History (uptempo)
Along the walls of empty exhibition halls,
diagrammed designs detail our plight of falling.
Falling down.

The heights we reach today, with hopes our ropes will stay,
one calibrated misstep into air.
Falling down.

Faith is flight, a feather bent when held too tight.
Lost, then found on the ground.
Falling down.

In fighting for the sun, in hopes our days will come
to share the worth of a lifetime's work well done.
Falling down.